Scientific Research

Data Collection

Aquatic Services

Mount Hood Environmental (MHE) is a multi-disciplinary contract research and aquatic services small business specializing in fisheries, ecology, environmental toxicology, and water quality. Our scientists are well versed in all aspects of scientific research, including literature review, study design, data collection and analysis, and writing. We tailor each evaluation to address our client’s specific data and analysis needs. We also offer a variety of services including database development, statistical review, data visualization, photogrammetric drone and fixed wing aerial surveys, fish rescue and removal, water quantity and quality monitoring, and more. Our long-term public and private sector client base, and collaborative partnerships with other experts in the industry, is testimony to the quality of our work. MHE biologists and scientists are stationed throughout Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and the Great Lakes region, proximal to the people we work with and watersheds we study.


Proficient knowledge in inland and migratory Pacific Northwest fishes and its habitat requirements, we offer science-based strategies for stakeholders concerned with threats such as resource use and its impacts.


Experienced in broad-scale effects of toxicants on an ecological scale to the biochemical effects at the cellular level, we successfully assist clients to understand risk on human and aquatic health.


Service projects include fish salvage and transport, invasive species removal, pond and lake fisheries enhancement, and surface water sampling for a variety of water quality parameters.