Research & Services




Proficient knowledge in inland and migratory Pacific Northwest fishes and its habitat requirements, we offer science-based strategies for stakeholders concerned with threats such as resource use and its impacts.

Regulatory Analyses

ESA effects analysis; Habitat conservation plans; regulatory decision support frameworks.

Riparian Habitat Data Collection and Instream Flow Assessments

Flow and temperature monitoring; abundance, growth and survival monitoring; species assemblage; instream flow assessments; meso-habitat-based techniques

Fish Migration & Survival

Smolt survival; fish tracking; entrainment monitoring.

Hatchery Fish Evaluations

Hatchery and natural-origin fish interactions; broodstock assessments

Statistical Analysis & Modeling

Life cycle modeling; stock-recruitment analysis; mark-recapture survival rate and population abundance estimation.


With experience in broad-scale effects of toxicants on an ecological scale to the biochemical effects at the cellular level, we successfully assist clients to understand effects and risk on human and aquatic health.

Pesticide Monitoring and Assessment

Surface water and soil monitoring; human health, aquatic life risk assessment

Toxicity and Survival Assessments

Toxicity testing on plants, fish; mesocosm and flow-through toxicity testing; seawater challenge evaluation

Infectious Disease in Salmonids

eDNA data collection and analysis; risk assessment


In addition to research, MHE conducts service projects, including fish salvage and transport, invasive species removal, pond and lake fisheries enhancement, and water quality analysis.


Fish Salvage
Fish Transport
Screw trapping
Hook-and-line sampling
Water quality monitoring

Surgical procedures for radio-transmission and PIT-tagging
eDNA sampling and real-time analysis
Avian monitoring
River navigation

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