Our Work

MHE fisheries scientists have conducted studies in watersheds throughout the Pacific Northwest and California, including data collection and analysis projects for various salmonids and non-salmonid species. We are well-versed in population dynamics modeling, instream flow studies, fish abundance and survival estimation, dam passage and migration behavior evaluations, and stream habitat assessments. Our fish capture and field data collection techniques include, but are not limited to, electrofishing, screw trapping, trammel and gill netting, spawning surveys, and fish tracking, as well as stomach sampling and diet analysis. Additionally, MHE conducts fisheries service projects, such as fish salvage and transport, invasive species removal, and pond and lake fisheries enhancement.

Toxicology and Water Quality
MHE’s multidisciplinary scientists are experienced in risk evaluations of toxicants to human health, the benthic community, and the aquatic and terrestrial environment. We continually serve clients in the agricultural, forestry, and fisheries sectors to satisfy data needs necessary for regulatory compliance, best management practices, industry operations, and community interests. We specialize in fisheries, aquatic plant management, and surface water evaluations.