Bryce Oldemeyer


Bryce has over a decade of experience conducting fisheries and water resources related research. Born and raised in Idaho, he has worked with fisheries researchers and resource managers throughout the state to identify complex problems, develop robust study designs, and implement rigorous statistical methods to answer intricate ecological questions. In particular, he has extensive experience with habitat assessment and restoration; water quality and macroinvertebrate monitoring; data reduction, analysis, visualization, and automation in Program R; water rights and water management in Idaho; and anadromous research in the Snake River Basin. He holds a B.S. in Environmental Science (emphasis in Fish and Wildlife Management), M.S. in Natural Resources, and Academic Certificate in Statistics from the University of Idaho. In his free time, you’ll find Bryce boating, biking, hiking, hunting, fishing, skiing, and backpacking throughout the West with his wife and their two dogs.