Ian Courter

Sr. Fisheries Scientist, Co-Founder

Ian is a founding scientist with Mount Hood Environmental. He has served as principal investigator for anadromous fish studies in numerous watersheds throughout the Pacific Northwest and California, including the Willamette, Clackamas, Deschutes, Lewis, Yakima, Methow, Wenatchee, Owyhee, Lower Snake, Upper Columbia, Klamath and Sacramento River Basins. Most of this work has been focused on life-history diversity of salmonids and effects of flow and temperature conditions on salmonid survival and production potential. Ian also studies partially anadromous fish population dynamics, angling effects on survival of caught and released fish, influence of hatchery supplementation on natural production, and impacts of water management on fish production and survival. He holds a B.S. in Environmental Biology from Pacific University and a M.S. in Fisheries Science from Oregon State University.


Lauren Courter

Toxicologist, Co-Founder

Tara Blackman

Fisheries Biologist

Mike Ackerman

Senior Fisheries Scientist

Mark Roes

Quantitative Biologist

Benjamin Briscoe

Fisheries Technician